Exchange students

Courses at the Department of Musicology are given in Slovene. Exchange students complete them with individual consultation with the professors and reading and writing assignments. Upon completion of the assignments they are given the ECTS corresponding with the selected course. Our ethnomusicology courses often include guest lectures by foreign professors and these are held in English.
List of courses in 2019/20
In the spring semester professor Svanibor Pettan will teach the course Ethnomusicology 1 in English. The course takes place on Thursdays from 11.20 until 14.30.
Syllabus outline of the course: Understanding of a multilayered musical image of Europe and other parts of the world through the study of minority musics, starting with indigenous peoples and ending up with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Minorities are groups of people distinguishable from the dominant group for cultural, ethnic, social, religious, or economic reasons (ICTM). Study of dynamics between individuals and communities, among members of various minorities and among representatives of different generations. In-depth study of musical features associated with the transnational Romani minority. Music and minorities in Slovenia.
If you are considering a stay with our Department, useful information about practicalities (such as application procedures, accommodation, and health insurance) can be found on the following websites: